Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Worth it

I bet you still remember
The moment when she
Would make you go nuts

The moment you
Do everything she wants
Just to make her happy
Even when others
Think you are really,
Screwed up.

The moment you
Become a total duouchebag
By leaving up your friends
Just to be with her.

The moment you
Loses your ind,
And calmness,
In front of everyone,
Just because of her.

The moment when
Others are ogling at you
and her,
Over something
That shouldn’t be
Spreaded out

The moment
When you still wants to
Spend her your time
And money
Even you know
You are a total broke
In both ways.

The moment when
You would do supid things
And risk yourself
Just because
You wanna show your ‘true’ self
To her.

I just really hope

That she’s worth it. 
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