Tuesday, 14 April 2015

One Line at a Time

I used to be a fool for
Opening my thoughts 
On the stream 
Where everyone, 
Pours our heart 
And desires. 

It got me addicted. 
Torn apart.  

Now I only read 
Sometimes think 
While inking this page 
One line at a time 

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Thursday, 9 April 2015


We are saturated 
Into the same form of foam
Soft, fragile,  
To time and distance.  

Time would be jerk
Distance would injure and kill

Let's get ahead 
Pass the steps into this 
Make this way together.  

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Things that I want

‎There will be the moment,  
Where I hope and pray,  
Through the sky and the wind, 
To take me where I belong, 
To you. 

There will be the moment,  
Where I, 
would proudly tell,  
Our stories to
sons and daughters,. 

There will be the moment, 
Where I,  
Would proudly proclaim,  
To friends and acquaintances,  
That you; 
My better half.  

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