Monday, 10 June 2013

Pseudologia Fantastica

Now, what the hell does the title means? Does it mean that this blog is fantastic? Or the lazy blogger who updates his blogs seldomly is fantastic? Or maybe readers of this blog are fantastic? Nah.. not even close. After 'extensive' 5 minutes reading over the internet, this fancy phrase (I think it's fancy because there's a word 'fantastica' in it) refers to:

source: Urban Dictionary (urbandictionary.com)

So.. this terms is just another fancy term to describe about lying?

\Nah.. it's not just a fancy term. This term is  used by psychiatrists to describe about some sort of mental illness where the individual will lie and kinda like live by their own lies. In some serious cases, the individuals suffering from this illness won't be able to differentiate between reality and fantasies created by his/her lies. 

There were also interesting characteristics about individuals who are suffering from this illness stated by Wikipedia (wikipedia.com). The characteristics are:

  1. The stories told are not entirely improbable and often have some element of truth. They are not a manifestation of delusion or some broader type of psychosis: upon confrontation, the teller can admit them to be untrue, even if unwillingly.
  2. The fabricative tendency is long lasting; it is not provoked by the immediate situation or social pressure as much as it is an innate trait of the personality.
  3. A definitely internal, not an external, motive for the behavior can be discerned clinically: e.g., long-lasting extortion or habitual spousal battery might cause a person to lie repeatedly, without the lying being a pathological symptom.[2]
  4. The stories told tend toward presenting the liar favorably. For example, the person might be presented as being fantastically brave, knowing or being related to many famous people.
Pseudologia fantastica may also present as false memory syndrome, where the sufferer genuinely believes that fictitious events have taken place, regardless that these events are fantasies. The sufferer may believe that he or she has committed superhuman acts of altruism and love or has committed equally grandiose acts of diabolical evil, for which the sufferer must atone, or has already atoned for in her/his fantasies.

Wow. This shit can be really serious. 

It's really hard to deal with those who are 'habitually liar' in everyday life. You can;t simply trust on those people as you might think that every single word, whether it's bullshit  or not, is all some form of lie. Even others can't differentiate between reality or fantasy had been told to them.

So just don't lie. You don't have to. 
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